Nama Logo


Nama is a design-driven startup that combines the human and artificial intelligences to solve complex interactions.

Nama's mission is to provide a natural connection between people and AI transforming complex interactions into simple conversations through an efficient and personalized service. By combining Machine Learning, NLP and bots, Nama automates conversations and connects emotionally people to the best of AI.


Nama believes in the individual potential working collaboratively to solve challenges brilliantly. The team is made of multidisciplinary and passionate people who are committed to the positive impacts of technological advances
Rodrigo Scotti Founder and CEO of Nama
Lucio Oliveira COO
Leonardo Baptista CTO
Bennet Bullock Head of AI
Felipe Lekich Designer
Minoru Beppu UX Designer
Marcello Batistella Account Manager
Marcela Fiamenghi Project Manager
Leonardo Ferreira Head of Development
Nathan Souza Head of software architecture
Juliana Rodrigues Head of cloud infrastructure
Tico Russo Account Manager
Julio Boaventura Service Designer
Kadu Nakashima Brand Architect
Samara Roque Content Strategist
Gleydson Silva AI Developer
Alana Schueroff Developer
Bruno Munaro Sales Manager
Fel Moraes Designer
Felipe Araújo Finance Specialist
Gabriel Carvalho Project Manager
Ivan Araújo Customer Success Intelligence
Murilo Garisto Strategic Sales Support
Paulo Montoya AI Developer
Dutchess Spiritual consultant
André Sardão AI Research
Pedro Henrique AI Developer
Rafael Venturacci Market Intelligence