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The chat platform that combines human and artificial intelligence.

Reduce costs

Improve resources and focus on strategic decisions without worrying about scale

Increase sales

Convert more and automatically. Enhance the shopping experience your customers look for from anywhere at any time

Build customer loyalty

Customer service 24/7 availability and communicate naturally with your customers with no learning curve



Poupinha reaches 130 millions messages exchanged

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Magazine Luiza

Lu, the fascinating chatbot of Magazine Luiza

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Our clients

Chat with your Customers

Clients prefer messaging and chat to communicate with businesses. With Nama, you can connect with your clients on your website or app, and integrate with other messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Telegram.

Sites & Apps
Facebook Messenger

Clear Answers - anytime, No Wait

With Nama, you can understand how your clients communicate, regardless of spelling errors or slang, and respond quickly and automatically. Your business can chat with unlimited numbers of people at the same time.

Simple and efficient

Automate more than 90% of your business conversations. Nama bots are so easy to communicate with, your customers will feel the need to thank them.

The best of human intelligence

Your team has to focus on the issues that are relevant to your business. With automatization, your team can receive contextualized conversations to give the best answers to your customers.

Proprietary AI

Use our proprietary Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Technology, which continually evolves to deal with client idiosyncrasies and data storage sizes.

A Complete Solution

The Nama Platform is a complete solution to automate conversations with tools for every team in your business - from attendants to developers, to managers.

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